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By John Okafor.

l came across an article articulately and constructively written on Facebook by one Abdulsalam Uba aka ‘simple citizen’ on the ceaseless carefree rampages of Kidnappers/Terrorist/Bandits in the Northwest, North Central and some parts of the Northeast sub-regions. The writer outrightly attributes with facts the widespread of the kidnapping and Terrorism activities in those regions directly to the irrational suspension and Absence of DCP Abba Kyari, l subscribed to his submissions in totality which necessitated me to pen down what is also happening in the South Eastern Nigeria in General and Imo State to be more specific as a result of his absence.


l never knew Abba Kyari was a nightmare to criminals, Terrorist and exceptionally good in crime fighting until now that he’s not on ground. In Imo State my place of abode, notorious kidnappers, IPOB/ESN members and other criminals that becomes devastated and ends up in their toilet and inside Ceilings by hearing the name of DCP Abba Kyari are now back in the streets with full force killing security agents incessantly, storming police stations breaking cells, freeing Harding Criminals therein, stealing guns and ammunition, killing and Beheading innocent citizens that violated their stay at home orders. l too should keep mute about it for my own safety but as a patriotic Nigerian and an advocate of peace and one Nigeria, l feel it’s incumbent upon me to paint out the scenarios as it is now and as it used to be before Kyari’s ill-timed suspension.

During the hay days of DCP Abba Kyari as the commander of the IGP-IRT Unit, back then in my home state criminal activities were done surreptitiously with utmost fear, nobody born of a woman will dare publicly parade himself as a IPOB/ESN or Kidnapper for fear of Abba Kyari and his rubust team. In those days DCP Kyari’s battle against armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorism and other violent high-profile crimes were successful with high Precision. He busted uncountable number of heinous criminals activities, got the real perpetrators arrested and prosecuted. Evidently and anticedently Kyari is a broadspectrum crime fighter who becomes a hook bone in the neck of all criminals in my region.

l still cannot understand why the police authority succumbed to this set-up and cheap blackmail by IPOB, their sponsors and apologists. From my own view point the great crime fighter was framed to give way for these criminals to have a field day no two way street about it. From the foregoing DCP Abba Kyari’s suspension and incarceration is a cut clear case of witchhunt, (the hunter becomes the hunted). It’s really unfortunate, this is not the best way to say thank you to an officer who sacrifices a lot, in serving his father land more than any other officer in the History of our country.

I’m not holding brief for Abba but in the interest of peace and security of this nation the truth has to be said, Abba is a reputable achiever in his field of specialization in fact l don’t have the fingers to start counting his numerous achievements here, and my calculator too has gone kaput. Arguably Super Cop Kyari is the best detective officer in the whole of Africa with a record-breaking over 1000 notable achievements which includes the arrest of Evans a multi-millionaire dreaded kidnapper, arrest of the killers of former CDS Alex Badeh, arrest of the Boko Haram Commanders and bomb makers that Bombed kuje Market and Nyanyain Abuja 2015, Arrest of Boko haram Terrorist that kidnapped the Chibok Schoolgirls in 2014, Arrest of 22 Boko Cammanders that Coordinated all the Suicide Bombings in Maiduguri City and North Eastern Nigeria, arrest of Vampire Henry Chibueze the Deadliest kidnapper in the History of Nigeria,

Arrest of Offa Bank Robbers in Kwara State in 2018, the Deadliest Bank Robbery in the History of Nigeria where 31 Innocent Nigerians including 9 Police officers and a Pregnant woman were killed, arrest of the Kidnappers of former Minister of finance Okonjo lweala’s mother, arrest of a criminal who threatened to kill Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and his family members, arrest of the notorious kidnappers of Oba of Iba a 1st class king in Lagos, arrest of Godspower Amadi and his 11 deadly gang that Terrorist Portharcourt Rivers state.

Arrest of the leader and gang members of the Niger Delta Avengers which ended the Pipeline Bombings by the Niger Delta Avengers in 2017, The Arrest of Niger Delta milliants in Lagos with over one hundred explosives after they have finished perfecting their plans of blowing the 3rd Mainland bridge in Lagos, Arrest of the kidnappers of Chief Olu falae in Ondo state, Arrest of Kidnappers of the CBN Governor’s wife in Delta State, Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ikorodu and Epe School Children in Lagos State, Arrest of kidnappers of Turkish school children in Ogun State.Arrest of Kidnappers of Turkish expatriates in Kwara state.

Rescue of Magajin Garin Daura from the Terrorist that kidnapped him in Daura town and took him to Kano State and Arrest of 14 Terrorist members and gangleader that kidnapped the Magajin Garin Daura. Arrest of the Kidnappers of the Elder brother to the present Bauchi state Governor, Arrest of the kidnappers of the mother in law of present Governor of katsina State, Arrest of the kidnappers of Hon Sani Member of House of Reps in Katsina State, Arrest of the kidnappers of a Court of Appeal justice wife in Cross Rivers state, Arrest of Armed Robbers that robbed the home of Justice Bulkachuwa former President of the Court of Appeal, Arrest of the Kidnappers of Alh Subaru in Sokoto state and recovery of over 10 million Naira Ransom money from the kidnappers and Hundreds of other kidnappers, Terrorist and bandits within Katsina, Zamfara, Kebbi and Niger States.

Arrest of killers of Barr Yadzid Along Abuja-Kaduna express way, Arrest of kidnappers of Ambassador Bagudu, Abdullkarim Durunguwa, kidnappers former Chairman UBEC and kidnappers and killers of the Seminarians, Kidnappers and killers of a medical Doctor’s wife and her children and Hundreds of other kidnappers, killers and Terrorist all in Kaduna State,

Aside foiling numerous kidnapping attempts in almost all the nooks and crannies of Nigeria etc, l can go on and on enumerating them while the list is endless. Looking at the aforementioned feats attained by Abba and his fearless team l think “suspension” or Incarceration because of a Set Up by Envious officers from sister security agency who Shielded their indicted officers in Enugu Airport who are the real criminals should not be his reward for a job welldone. Suspending and incarcerating an officer of Kyari’s pedigree is indeed very demoralizing for other officers especially the upcoming ones that has the same zeal to serve this country patriotically, diligently, sincerely and dedicatively. Get me right, Abba is human like me & who is by nature bound to make mistake in the course of discharging his statutory duties just as no one no matter how highly placed he/she is in this country will claim to be a SAINT or PERFECT in all ramifications, for perfection is an attribute of God alone. Unequivocally speaking Kyari is a scapegoat in this issue, his case was deliberately amplified and exaggerated, you don’t need to be educated to know all that, his case was a calculated attempt to bring his fame down by some evil forces within and outside the country and to promote the activities of Nnamdi Kanu and his criminal Estern Security Network ESN.

A very serious Government like that of US or UK will not give a hoot about that mere online allegations cooked up by enemies, the IPOB sympathisers working within the foreign investigative body that cooked up indictment papers obtained through falsehood and same papers was released to the Media, who over blew it. And Glory be to GOD Almighty now everything have been thrown away by the Federal High Court 5 in Abuja on 29th August 2022 that the whole thing is Bereft of Merit, Lacks integrity and not done in Good faith and then the Set up by an evious sister Agency which was now used in incarcerating the Nation’s best hand, most decorated officer in the History of the Country and well trained, brilliant and Gifted Police officer who with high Precision cracked almost all the Criminal and Terrorism Cases he handled all across the country with with less than 10 percent funding from the Nigeria police and Nigerian Government.

Even in your own layman’s judgement if you can fairly measure the flimsy allegations levelled against Kyari with his numerous achievements so far in crime control, l believe his efforts in curving crimes will overweight his shortcomings by far.

I’m a layman when it comes to security and related matters but in my own humbled opinion l think it’s high time for the super cop to be reinstated as a matter of urgency. As it is right now in my own end of the world the activities of IPOB is alarmingly on the rise they’re becoming stronger, kidnapping is gradually becoming a legal business as kidnappings are so rampant that it is no longer reported in the media except over 20 or 50 people are kidnapped at once.

Without mincing words criminals in this country celebrated the absence of Abba Kyari, they now grew more wings, have their tentacles widely spread and they became more deadlier particularly in my state and Anambra state in recent time. To prove my claims that these undesirable elements are becoming stronger after the exit of Kyari who brought down their biggest and Overall Commander in the Southeast Commander Ikonsun April 2021 followed by the Arrest and Neutralisation of many other commanders like Dragon, Onye Army, Ewurum, Onyechi, Okechukwu, Biggy and many others including Ex Soldiers who wete training the ESN Terrorist in Various training camps in Delta, Abia Ebonyi and Imo States.

December last year just to clampdown on few kidnappers den in Imo and Anambra States, it took the combined efforts of both the Military, Police and DSS to stormed the said areas and the discoveries made by the joint security task force during that operations was disheartening and mindburgling too.

Finally, it’s pertinent for Good and Peace loving Nigerians and Arewa leaders to do away with their political differences, keep all sentiments apart, put all hands on deck and rise up to the security challenges that is gradually consuming us bit by bit day by day, they should summon the courage to talk to the Government in one voice to bring back this brave, super dedicated and professional crime fighter to continue from where he stopped for unequivocally speaking and without circumumbulation there’s no any significant progress recorded so far from that Unit or the Nigeria Police as a Whole ever since his castration.

We are running out of time for lives and properties are being lost day in day out. By now Abba Kyari would have arrested many of the Abuja-Kaduna Train Terrorist, Many of the owo Church Attackers, Many of the Kuje Prison Attackers, Many of the Killers of over 30 Soldiers in Niger, Many of the killers of the brigade of guard Soldiers in Abuja, many of the Attackers of Senator Uba in AnambraState, Many of the recent Attackers of Apostle Suleiman in Edo state, Many of Those that beheaded many innocent souls in the Southeast would have all been arrested genuinely and Nigerians would have seen them Physically confessing their crimes in National Television after Police Public relations officer presents them to the press with their Heavy Weapons recovered as we always see during Abba Kyari’s time as the head of Lagos SARS 2010 to 2015 in Lagos and Head of IRT in Abuja 2015 to 2021. His record of cleaning lagos from all deadly heavily Armed Armed robbers and kidnappers from 2010 to 2015 is Legendary.

His arrest are always genuine and of high Precision that Police will allow the Journalist to interview the Criminals and get all the details from the criminals and terrorists themselves directly which clears all doubts and makes other criminals outside to heve a Rethink. Unlike now that things are hidden from the public and Press because the real Criminals are not the ones in the net and we all know that 90 percent of all Major crimes are not being cracked in this country today as criminals and terrorists are committing crimes and going free now. What a Country we have.

As a matter of public interest, l sincerely hope alongside other millions of Good Nigerians that a listening ear will be given to our plea. A stitch in time…..

From Owerri,
John Okafor.

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