Abba Kyari: National Security Must Come First

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Abba Kyari: It baffles me sometimes what is really wrong with Nigeria, how can a country lay off her best hand, most decorated, tested and trusted, result oriented gallant officer that is obviously very rare to come by for mere Obviously Fabricated and Malicious framed up Organised by some envious officers who are worst criminals, if you check their records.

And now we don’t have any competent hand who can half replace him among all the Security Agencies in the country. Terrorist, kidnappers bandits, Armed Robbers and other criminals all across the country are celebrating their new absolute freedom to Operate anywhere without any fear, Also their family members who are enjoying the loots are also celebrating and Sponsoring the Media.

His prior records were superlatively superb, anticedently he’s second to none in his field of specialization, his records of Service and Awards including Presidential Medal of Courage from President of the Federal Republic 2016, Award for Outstanding Service to the Nation frim the National Assembly of Nigeria 2020, Triple IGP medals of Courage 2012, 2013, 2014 etc which are seen everywhere can easily be googled and seen. He is by far the highest record holder in fighting heinous crimes and most decorated Officer in the History of the country.

How on earth a resourceful and productive officer of KYARI’S pedigree be tossed aside for mere allegation, Sponsored media trial and Abviously Fabricated and Malicious Set up by Envious offcers who are desperate to cover their monumental crimes which is still being perpetuated in the Enugu International Airport?

Nigerians especially northerners and South east are now Seriously negatively feeling the consequences of his absence. Look at the Massive Kidnappings, Killings, Beheadings, Attacks on Owo Church, kuje Prison, Kaduna-Abuja Train, Edo Train Station also Attaks and Killings of Police Escorts and others in the convoys of Apostle Suleiman, Senator Ifeanyi Uba, Governor Ohakim etc etc.

All these attacks across the country went without any Comprehensive Cogent, Genuine, Strong, Successful physical and Technical Intelligence Led Counter Attack on the perpetrators to Arrest the Attackers and killers for the world to see them clearly confessing their crimes as it was happening during Abba Kyari’s time (not the false Press releases we are seeing now) which would have served as a strong deterrent to other Criminals.

What a preposterous decision was that. I’m beginning to think that some highly placed cabals are at work especially when you critically look at the skyrocketing cases of kidnappings, killings and Beheadings which has became widespread like a wildfire ever since his absence.

Dr Abubakar Shehu Idris.

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