Click and watch recent video of suspected IPOB commander, Dragon, before he was killed by Nigerian Security Operatives in Imo, Nigeria

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A group of seasoned crime reporters drawn from reputable media organisations in Nigeria. To help in creating a friendly Nigerian Police Force that meets the yearnings and aspirations of the citizens towards policing and security of lives and properties. To showcase the positive sides of the Force, as well as celebrating the great feat of police personnel, who have shown uncommon courage in the discharge of his / her responsibility. In the same vein, through objective ratiocination, identify the areas of shortcomings for corrections. We welcome you on board on this journey to build an enviable Nigeria Police Force by actively playing the role of a watch dog. Watch out for crime stories and other security titbits.
  • Biafra that your ancestors couldn’t not withstand with the help of many countries and untrained personnel to combat the fight was the main challenges but yet you were defeated. My people go church and ask for wisdom and knowledge of the word of God. Check how Israelite were in Battle.

    • Do you think all wars are fought with weapons? The Israelites you just quoted won many battles without even carrying such weapons. Sometimes wars are won in the minds of people who are determined to win it. Egypt oppressed the Israelites for donkey years and they left without fighting. Nigeria is oppressing Biafrans for just sixty something years and you are saying we should go and seek for wisdom. My guy, no one can stop a determined goat that is trying to save it’s life from a lion.

      • You have two warriors who leads Doll’s to fight
        First one lead the war latter he run away
        The other one arranged the war but he run away before blowing the whistle
        Ujuckwu and Nnamdi Kanu

  • Having a good home training and engaging in all educational activities will help you to understand life much better, if not a lack of home training and illiteracy how can a person who reside in Europe command you to commit a criminal activities and put yourself in danger while he’s sleeping and enjoying his life with his family.

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