NDLEA lied, Abba Kyar is not the owner of the properties mentioned- Lawyer

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 NDLEA lied, Abba Kyar is not the owner of the properties mentioned- Lawyer

Nigerians have been asked to disregard recent publications on select media platforms believed to be sponsored alleging that DCP Abba Kyari owns several listed properties in the country which Federal Government intends to confiscate if they can prove that he is the true owner.
In a statement released by his counsel, Barrister Hamza Dan , he maintained that cases are won in court based on evidence which NDLEA has failed to produce.
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Our attention has been drawn to the False publication in some sections of the media of Monday, 5th 2022 wherein the papers said “the Federal Government has uncovered 14 assets, including shopping mall, residential estate, polo playground, lands and farmland belonging to a former commander, Intelligence Response Team, Abba Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police.

We want to set the records straight for members of the public to know the truth. NDLEA’s case in court against Abba Kyari and 4 others is not going well for them. They expected the Court case to go smoothly in their favour the way their sponsored media trials went viral between February to April 2022. They failed to understand that unlike media trials courts need real Evidence and facts which NDLEA don’t have in this case.

By all means, out of desperation, again, NDLEA wanted to spoil Abba Kyari’s name at all cost because they know that all their initial efforts have failed as overwhelming majority of good Nigerians who want peace and security for the Nation are still behind Abba Kyari despite the set up by NDLEA against Abba Kyari in January 2022, which was followed by massive sponsored media trial earlier this year.

Again NDLEA is sponsoring fabricated lies, untrue stories, and flimsy allegations, trump up and false charges in Court without justification against Abba kyari.

On 29th day of August 2022, the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja Under Justice Inyang Eko dismissed a suit filed by the Attorney General of Federation to Extradite DCP Abba Kyari to America.

On 30th Day of August, NDLEA filed another 24 Count charges against Dcp Abba Kyari just to mislead the general public and tarnish his image despite the same matter being before Federal High Court in Maiduguri and without any Evidence linking Abba kyari to any of those properties or any link to any Drug money, stealing government money or any proceed of any crime.

All the allegations on monies and properties by NDLEA belonging to Abba Kyari are false, untrue and lies, just to mislead the public into wrongly believing that it belongs to Abbakyari. The business men who own those properties and gave their documents have already filed their cases against NDLEA in Federal High Court Maiduguri.

NDLEA without any evidence went and marked innocent peoples properties in Maiduguri and Abuja in April 2022 and released the news to the media which went viral April 2022.

All the owners of those properties with their documents have immediately filed their cases against the NDLEA in the Federal High Court Maiduguri. The owners of the properties who are all renowned business men, running many businesses for over 20 years have brought all their proofs and evidences before the federal High Court in Maiduguri.

NDLEA lawyers appeared before the federal High court Maiduguri twice without providing any evidence linking such properties to Abba Kyari. The Federal High Court Maiduguri will continue the case October 2022 after their Vacation.

This is just a malicious media trial without any evidence to show in the Court. If NDLEA has any evidence linking Abba kyari to any of those properties apart from his farm land and 1 house, they should release it to the public immediately.

These whole properties matter is before Federal High Court in Maiduguri but NDLEA are still desperate by trying to link Abba kyari without any evidence to financial crimes and properties that do not belong to him, neither is there one kobo of drug money or any crime money that is linked to Abba Kyari in any way.

We challenge NDLEA to release the Evidence to the public immediately if any. The whole thing is only aimed at Media trials as they have no Evidence to show to the Court. If they have the Evidence let them release it to the media. This is how all their cases will crumble in the courts since their aim is only a media trial.

For the records, the total money in Abba Kyari’s account is 2.8 Million Naira in his UBA account, the only account he has been using for the past 8 years, 7 thousand pounds in GTB kept over 8yrs ago and 350k Naira in GTB kept many years ago.

Less than 200k naira in Sterling Bank and Access Bank Account not in use for over 8 years. These are all the money that DCP Abba Kyari has in his accounts, which he has declared and NDLEA should immediately release all Abba Kyari’s account statements to the public if what they are saying is true. Meanwhile notwithstanding that no one kobo of the above mentioned amounts is linked to any crime or drug money, NDLEA Maliciously blocked all the accounts to deprive Kyari of the small money to use in taking care of his family.

Please disregard the fabricated and malicious News. Let them show the Evidence to the world linking Abba Kyari to any drug money or any crime money or let them show document or Evidence linking Abba Kyari to any of those properties they are mentioning for which the real owners have already filed their cases before the Federal High Court in Maiduguri since April 2022 against the NDLEA because NDLEA marked their properties without asking for the owners or their Documents. All the matters are before the courts and the courts should be allowed to decide on the matters please.

Barister Hamza Dan Tani


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