Five natural ways to restore your bleached skin

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Coconut juice,Drink coconut water

The desire to lighten your skin tone by bleaching it may be attractive, but it comes with its own set of after-effects. The most common side-effects are redness and sore skin. So, if you have ever faced these issues due to bleaching, here are some remedies that will help soothe your skin.

Bebeautiful In beauty blog highlights some of the remedies below.

Raw milk and ice cubes

After you are done with bleaching, your skin feels cleaner and fairer but it also feels a little sore too. The first thing you should do after bleaching is to soothe it with skin-cooling agents like cold raw milk and ice cubes. Rub ice cubes on the bleached area or keep cold milk-soaked cotton pads on it. This will provide your skin good relief.

Aloe Vera Massage

Cut the stem of an Aloe Vera plant and extract its gel. Massage it onto your face and let it stay for 4-5 minutes. Aloe Vera has a cooling effect and it will help heal your skin as well. It is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic agent too.

Coconut water

Coconut juice,Drink coconut water

If bleaching has caused you a skin burn, you can find treatment in coconut water. Drink it as much as you want as it will keep you hydrated from the inside. You can also use it as a toner as it will calm your skin and make it supple with its minerals and vitamins.

Potato skin

Use potato skins to heal your skin! It is cool, hydrating and refreshing. Its anti-inflammatory properties and strong healing powers will help your bleached skin recover in a short period. Cover the bleached areas with potato skins for about 10-12 minutes twice a day and see the results soon.

Tumeric and yogurt

The healing properties of turmeric are well known. Apply some turmeric with yogurt on your bleached skin; this will help calm your skin.


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