No more room for corruption in the New Abia, Alex Otti declares.

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In a speech delivered on the inauguration of the Abia State Orientation Agency on August 29, 2023, at Umuahia, Abia, titled “Towards a New Path,” the executive governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti, reiterated his promise to leave no stone unturned in his fight against corruption in the state.

He said, “I am very delighted to address you today as we mark another important epoch in our march to the New Abia, which promises to be radically different from the old. I welcome and thank you for your steadfastness and unshaking belief that in our lifetime, this land shall return to the path of genuine greatness, and collectively, we shall overcome the many obstacles that assail us and bequeath to those coming after us a better society”.

He congratulated Ndi Abia and friends at home and in the diaspora on the 32nd anniversary of the creation of the state. “I am proud of what we have achieved as a people and even more excited about what the future holds. On the evidence of recent developments, I can announce happily that our moment in the sun is here. We have the wind in our sails, and I can tell you that the optimism you see on the faces of our people everywhere is not for nothing. Abians are understandably excited, and as many scholars have argued, societies are built by the faith and confidence of the people.
“So like you, I am glad to see many nonpartisan observers and groups use the state as a great example of the power of resilience and the great rewards it yields when sustained. The world knows our story and the pain we have been through on account of several missed opportunities.”

He went on to remind Abians that the world is also conscious of the state’s present journey, and many observers are watching with keen interest to see where this present path leads. ” While it is common to assume that it will always end at a great destination, he is actively praying and working towards that; however, there are a few important structures and systems that must be put in place to guarantee the outcome we desire.

“So, my people, we have gathered today to add a very important pillar to further strengthen the structure that would be ultimately known as the New Abia, making it firm and robust to stand the test of the elements. Today‚Äôs launch of the new Abia State Orientation Agency and our choice of Dr. Oby Ezekwesili, a truly transformational leader and voice of genuine change across Nigeria and beyond, as the guest speaker for our 32nd anniversary lecture point to our determination to follow through on our mission of building a new governance architecture that responds quickly to the needs of the people. While we shall continue to fix roads and other civil engineering structures that are critical to our social and economic development agenda, we have come here to remind ourselves that no society can witness development in the long run unless its values align with the outcomes it seeks to achieve.”

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