Pastor Sells Plots Of Land In Heaven For $100

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A Spanish church in Mexico is allegedly selling plots of land in heaven after the local pastor claimed that he spoke to God and was granted permission to sell pearly gate property for $100 (R1,800) per square metre.
Images of the holy deal circulated on social media, with a brochure showing a grandiose house in the clouds with a family walking hand in hand up a golden staircase to their new home in heaven.
The brochure also includes payment options that include PayPal, Google Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and even American Express. There are also payment plans available.
One real estate influencer on TikTok claims that millions of dollars worth of plots had already been sold in the ‘biggest real estate deal on the planet’. Seeing as this ‘real estate deal’ was being shared on TikTok, it was likely all nonsense.

As ludicrous as it sounds, this is not the first time someone has cashed in on real estate in heaven. In 2023, a pastor at the David of the Universal Apostle Fellowship Church in South Africa reportedly began selling portions of land in heaven to his followers.
Fred Isanga, a Ugandian-born pastor, convinced a large number of his followers to sell off their land, animals and other assets to raise the capital for the acquisition of the heavenly property.

A few months later police also arrested a Zimbabwean pastor after he sold ‘tickets to heaven’ to his congregation at R9,600 per person.

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