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OCTOBER 6, 2023.

Gentlemen of the Press,

You would recall that the unfortunate death of IlerioluwaOladimeji Aloba (a.ka. Mohbad) on 12th September, 2023 triggered widely-held suspicions on the circumstances of his death and allegations of complicity of some personalities in the process.

In consequence, I inaugurated a Special Investigation Team with the main task of undertaking a detailed, professional, fair, transparent, rule of law-guided, and evidence-led homicide investigation. The end goal of this initiative is not only to unravel the circumstances of the singer’s death, but to deliver justice for Mohbad.

I had while inaugurating the Special Investigation Team projected a 2-week timeline for the perfection of the Police Interim Investigation Report with the assurance that members of the public will be kept abreast of investigative progress as much as legally and professionally permissible. I can, today, confirm that the Police Interim Investigation Report is now ready and this media briefing is being undertaken in fulfillment of our assurance to keep Lagosians, Nigerians, and indeed, the international community abreast of the status of the case.

This briefing, therefore, focuses on police investigative actions since the homicide investigation commenced, the interim findings on the strength of facts of evidential value so far established, and grounds pending further actions in guiding the investigation into conclusion. The investigation process was directed at addressing two fundamentalquestions. Firstly, what are the immediate chain of events that occasioned the death of Mohbad? Secondly who are the actors that could, within the context of extant criminal law and procedures be evidentially held criminally liable, either individually or jointly, for the death of Mohbad on 12thSeptember, 2023.

In addressing the latter component of these questions, due investigative actions were focused on the allegations of possible complicity in the death of Mohbad by AbdulAzeezAdeshina (a.k.a. Naira Marley) and Samson ErinfolamiBalogun ‘m’ (a.k.a. Sam Larry) who both were widely alleged in the social media of conspiring to serially bully and assault the deceased in his lifetime. It also focuses on the allegations on the social media that the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) could also be complicit in his death following a viral video in which the late singer raised anarrative of his experience while in custody of the Agency prior to his death.

The intent of this component of the investigation is to establish if there is any evidential proof to circumstantially or directly link the allegations against Naira Marley, Sam Larry, and NDLEA to the eventual death of Mohbad on 12thSeptember, 2023.

Police Investigative Actions:

Following the inauguration of the Special Investigation Team, detectives have undertaken the following actions and covered the underlisted investigative grounds:

Identification and Interview of Vital Witnesses:

A total of twenty-six vital witnesses including the complainant have so far been identified and interviewed by detectives in aid of investigations. These include the following:

Witnesses so Far Interviewed:






Mr. Aloba Joseph Oluwabamiwo

Father of the Deceased



Mrs. Abosede Aloba

Mother of the Deceased



Mrs Kolawole Kemi Bose

Deceased’s sister



Aloba Blessing Oluwaseun

Deceased’s sister



Mr. Aloba Aduragbemi Shedrack

Deceased’s brother



Mrs. Cynthia Adebanjo

Deceased’s wife



Ms. Seyi Awonuga

Mohbad’s Manager



Ms Adeyemo Boluwatife (a.k.a Darosha)

Deceased’s Personal Assistant



Mr. Ajisegiri Sultan Ayobami

Deceased’s DJ



Olanrewaju Idris Adedoja

Deceased’s Personal Photographer



Mr. Idris Busari

Deceased’s Friend



Mr. Aderinto Ademola (a.k.a Adewest)

Deceased’s Friend



Mr. Adeyemi Olamide

Deceased’s Friend



Oladapo Oreoluwa (a.k.a Lifestyle)

Deceased’s Friend



Adesanya Ajebiyi Dolapo (a.k.a Ajesing)

Deceased’s Friend



Fidelix Esanborm

Driver of the Prado Jeephired by Mohbad to the Concert in Ikorodu on 10th September, 2023. In an attempt to punch Ibrahim during their physical brawl, Mohbad hit  and broke the rear side glass causing him an injury on his right forearm.



Mr. Soso Soberekon

The Show Promoter who organized and invited Mohbad to the concert to promote De-General Bitters at the Ikorodu Town Hall on 10th September, 2023. The fight between the deceased and his childhood friend, Ibrahim occurred that night after the show at about 2000hr. Mohbadsustained the injury on his right hand that eventually led to other experiences which eventually occasioned his death.



Mr. Omoniyi Temidayo Raphael (a.k.a. Zlatan)

Musician and Friend to Mohbad



Engr. Chinaka Jesse

Mohbad’s Neighbourwho assisted in transporting the unconscious Singer to Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki, Lagos.



Dr. Olusola Joshua

Medical Director of Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki-Lagos where the deceased was initially rushed to, attended to and confirmed as ‘Brought in Dead on 12th September, 2023.



Dr. Beke Deborah Olutosin

The Medical Doctor on duty at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki when Mohbad was rushed inat about 1520hrs of 12thSeptember, 2023. She certified him as Brought in Dead at about 1543hrs of the same date after confirm the vitals.



Ms Fajulugbe Temitope Adesola

Registered Nurse who was on duty at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekkiwhen Mohbad was Brought in Dead



Ms Abbas Aminat Abiola

Laboratory Scientist at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki-Lagos



Mr. Oluwajobi Emmanuel Ayodeji

Staff of Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki-Lagos



Dr. Owuala Chigozie

Medical Director/Chief Medical Officer, Perez Med-Care Hospital. Lekki-Lagos (The Hospital Where Mohbad was first taken to as a ‘Brought in Dead’ patient on 12thSeptember, 2023



Dr. Temitope Mackson Olumuyiwa

Medical Director, Corner Stone Hospital, Akute, Ogun State (where the Prime Suspect, FeyisayoOgedengbe claimed to have undergone training as an auxiliary nurse)


The written testimonies of the witnesses are largely of high evidential value, and they have aided in establishing the sequence of events leading to the death of Mohbad, the identification of the suspects, and the roles each played. They have also aided in gaining a clearer insight into the allegations of assault and bullying levelled against Sam Larry and Naira Marley.


Five suspects have so far been identified, arrested, detainedand interrogated on their alleged roles in the sequence of events that led to the death of the singer. The Summary is as follows:







Ms. FeyisayoOgedengbe

The Auxiliary Nurse who was contacted and invited by Ayobami Sadiq (a.k.aSpending), a friend to Mohbad, on 11th September, 2023 to treat the singer at the deceased’s residence at Lekki-Lagos. She eventually came on Tuesday, 12thSeptember, 2023 and administered three different injections which are believed to have occasioned the chain of reactions that directly resulted in the death of the singer.

She is the Principal Suspectin the death of Mohbad. She acknowledged that it was the injections that she administered on the deceased that triggered the reactions which eventually led to Mohbad’s death. Other expert opinions and witnessesstatements corroborated her admittance. Her actions of administering doses of TetanusToxoid, Paracetamol (IV) and Ceftriaxone injection (IV) on Mohbad at his residence on 12thSeptember, 2023 immediately and directly triggered the reactions (including vomiting, goose bumps, convulsion) that eventually resulted in the singer’s death.

This criminal liability is further heightened granted the evidential fact that as an auxiliary nurse, she is not qualified to administer such medications or function as a qualified nurse. She also did this in a non-clinical environment and in a professionally negligent manner that negated standard medical protocols.


Mr. Ayobami Sodiq(a.k.a. Spending)

Friend to Mohbad who invited the auxiliary nurse to treat the deceased. Being suspected of conspiracy in the death of the singer

Suspect in the Homicide Case.  His action in inviting a person known to him as an auxiliary nurse to attend to the deceased under a non-clinical setting occasioned Mohbad’s death. He is being held for conspiracy to commit felony


Ibrahim OluwatosinOwoduni (a.k.aPrime Boy)

Childhood friend of Mohbad. He attended the show at Ikorodu in his company on 10th September, 2023. At the end of the show, Mohbad and Ibrahim were engaged in a violent fight during which Mohbad was injured. The management of the injury subsequently resulted in his death.



Samson BalogunEletu (a.k.a. Sam Larry)


(Homicide & Bullying/Assault)


Abdulazeez Fashola(a.k.a Naira Marley)


(Homicide & Bullying/Assault)

Other Actions that have been undertaken by the Special Investigation Team include the Following:








Toxicology Tests

Undertaken on 21stSeptember, 2023

Results of the Autopsy and Toxicology Tests being awaited


Investigation Letters

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency

For official response to the allegations against the Agency(Response being awaited)

Nigeria Medical Association

Expert Opinion in aid of investigation

Pharmacist Council of Nigeria

Expert opinion in aid of investigation

CMD, Corner Stone Hospital, Akute, Ogun State,

The auxiliary nurse (Principal Suspect) claimed that she was trained at the hospital. The letter was forwarded to authenticate the claim of the nurse.

Nigeria Immigration Service

Travel History of Suspects

CMD, Cura-Med Hospital


CMD Perez Hospital



Crime Scene Visits

Residence of the Deceased at Lekki-Lagos

1. To Review CCTV Footages covering days of the incident (CCTV out of order)
2. The engagement led to the recovery of remnants of the drugs, injections and other test kits administered by the auxiliary nurse, including; one Tetanus toxoid injection, three used syringes, two used syringes filled with suspected medicine contents, one packet of ceftriaxone solution, procaine penicillin injection, empty broken of diclofenac injection, paracetamol diluted with water, water for injection, six hand gloves, one bandage, one plaster and one iodine solution. Also separately recovered is the Mobile Phone of the deceased. All were registered as exhibits.


Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki-Lagos

Initial Hospital where Mohbad was taken in dead

Perez Hospital, Lekki-Lagos

The second Hospital the deceased was taken to where his death was re-confirmed and death certificate issued

Chandelier Night Club, VI, Lagos

Scene of alleged assault/bullying of Mohbad months preceding his death.

Elegushi Beach, Lekki-Lagos

Scene of alleged assault/bullying of Mohbad months preceding his death

Medical Opinion

In addition, as part of investigative effort that is aimed at obtaining expert opinion on the likely cause of death of Mohbad through a professional review the actions of Auxiliary Nurse Feyisayo Ogedengbe (the principal suspect), on 26th September, 2023, a team of Medical Doctors, Pharmacist and Nurse drawn from Pharmacists Council of Nigeria, Nigerian Medical Association, and the Nigeria PoliceForce Medical Services jointly interviewed the Auxiliary nurse.

A detailed report which is being utilized as an expert opinion and critical evidence of high prosecutorial value has been submitted. It specifically identified some illegal acts and professional negligence in the manner the drugs were administered on the deceased by the principal suspect.

The Report also confirmed that as an auxiliary Nurse, MsFeyisayo does not have the competence, knowledge, brief, or certification to diagnose, prescribe or administer drugs and injections on patients as she was supposed to work under the directives and supervision of a qualified medical doctor or nurse while on duty. The Report also strongly projected that that there is a link between the medical negligence of Auxiliary Nurse Feyisayo Ogedengbe and the death of  Mohbad.

Sequence of Events Directly Accounting for the Death of Mohbad

From investigation so far conducted, the sequence of events that directly occasioned the death of Mohbad and the suspects directly involved have been established as follows:

On 10th September 2023, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba(Mohbad) attended a musical concert at Ikorodu Town Hall at about 2100hrs on the invitation of Soso Soberekon to promote De-General Bitters beverages. Mohbad arrived the venue of the event at about 1900hrs in company of his wife, MrsCynthia Omowumi Adebanjo and their 5months old baby; his childhood friend Ibrahim Oluwatosin Owoduni (Prime Boy), and Mohbad’s Personal Assistant, Adeyemo Boluwatife(Darosa) all of whom were in the Prado Jeep which was hired by Mohbad for the event and driven by Fidelix Esanbor. Others that accompanied Mohbad in separate vehicles include Ayobami Sadiq (Spending), Aduragbemi Shedrack Aloba, Mohbad’s younger brother; Ajisegiri Sultan Ayobami, Mohbad’s DJ; Aderinto Fawas Ademola (Adewest), Mohbad’s friend, and Olanrewaju Idris Adedoja (OG), his Photographer. Other musical acts that performed along with Mohbad at the show included Zlatan, Seun Kuti, and DJ Fokati.

At the end of his performance at about 2300hrs, as he made to exit the venue with his entourage, he discovered that his vehicle had been blocked by other vehicles, while some of his fans and Area Boys also mobbed him. Mohbad who from witnesses’ evidence was said to be tipsy and hyperactive became infuriated and as he attempted to come down to clear the road, Ibrahim, his friend, prevailed on him not to for security reasons. This further infuriated Mohbad and degenerated into a hot argument and physical fight between the two of them. In the course of an attempt to hit Ibrahim with a blow, Mohbad  missed and smashed the rare window of their Prado Jeep causing him an injury on his forehand and he bled profusely. Eventually, the situation was brought under control, and they all departed for the Lekki residence of Mohbad excluding Ibrahim.

Upon arrival at home at about 0200hrs of 11th September, 2023, Mohbad refused to go to the hospital to treat his injury despite persistent persuasion by his wife, staffs and friends including the Prado Jeep driver whose vehicle was damaged. Later in the day, the injured hand which was still bleeding, started getting swollen causing Mohbad unbearable pains. His friend Ayobami Sadiq (Spending), who noticed the increasing pains, further insisted that he must go to the hospital for treatment. Mohbad still resisted and opted to call his personal nurse identified as Nurse Funmi, who unfortunately was unavailable.

At this point, Ayobami Sadiq (Spending) offered to call his own nurse, Ms Feyisayo Ogedengbe, to attend to Mohbad, a suggestion that he (Mohbad) consented to. When MsFeyisayo was contacted  at about 1430hrs on Monday 11thSeptember, 2023, she was also unavailable but promised to come the following day, being Tuesday, 12th September, 2023. Ahead of her arrival, she requested that the picture of the swollen hand/injury area be snapped and forwarded to her for assessment and to guide on the medication to come along with. This was eventually done. At about 1435hrs on 12thSeptember, 2023, Ms Feyisayo eventually arrived armed with 1 Pack of Ceftriaxone injection; 1 Vial Paracetamol injection, Tetanus Toxoid injection, 1 Vial Procaine Penicillin, 7 ampules of IM Diclofenac, Tincture Iodine, and Needles/Syringes.

Ms Feyisayo administered the Tetanus Toxoid on the arm of Mohbad and gave both the Paracetamol and Ceftriaxone injection intravenously. Immediately the Ceftriaxone injection was administered, Ms Feyisayo confirmed that Mohbadstarted vomiting while goose bumps appeared on the face and all over his body. At this point, it dawned on Ms Feyisayo that Mohbad was reacting to the administered medication. She consequently ran out to procure hydrol and nisaline infusion. While at the Pharmacy in the locality, she got a call that Mohbad had started convulsing.

Eventually, Cynthia Omoduni Adebanjo, AduragbemiShedrack Aloba, Olarewaju Idris Adedoja, Ayinde Habib Idowu Damola, Aderinto Fawas Ademola, and Ms. Feyisayorushed him to the hospital in the vehicle of Engr. ChinakaJesse, their neighbour. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead on arrival at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki. Not convinced, the team moved his body to Perez Hospital, Lekki where his death was re-certified. A death certificate was later issued by Cura-Med hospital.

Mohbad’s father who had earlier been contacted, came to the Late Mohbad’s house and after a short meeting, resolved to move the body to Ikorodu for burial, which was done the following day, 13th September 2023 at about 1400hrs.

Allegation of Bullying, Assault and Possible Complicity in the Death of Mohbad:

During investigation, series of allegations of bullying, threat to life and possible complicity in the death of Mohbad by Naira Marley and Sam Larry were raised. This prompted the Special Investigation Team to widen the scope of their investigation to that aspect. Several videos touching on the allegations were analysed and witnesses were interviewed.

Many witnesses alleged that the deceased was indeed bullied and assaulted several times by AbdulAzeez Adeshina Fashola(a.k.a. Naira Marley) ‘m’ and Samson Erinfolami Balogun(a.k.a. Sam Larry) ‘m’ and their gangs. It was affirmed thatsometime in 2019, the deceased was allegedly signed by Naira Marley into a record label known as Marlians Music Limited. Due to disagreement on terms of the contract, the deceased, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (a.ka. Mohbad) press for the revocation of his contractual relationship with MarlianMusic Label, while also pushing to relieve his then manager who was a brother to Naira Marley.

It was alleged that these moves irked the suspects, AbdulAzeez Adeshina Fashola (a.k.a. Naira Marley) ‘m’ and Samson Erinfolami Balogun (a.k.a. Sam Larry) ‘m’ who in consequence, allegedly on several occasions conspired, bullied, and assaulted the deceased. It was also asserted by some witnesses with corroborative video evidence that before his demise, Mohbad had raised alarm that his life was being threatened. That he was being bullied and assaulted by Naira Marley and Sam Larry.

Upon their arrest, AbdulAzeez Adeshina Fashola (a.k.a. Naira Marley) and Samson Erinfolami Balogun (a.k.a. Sam Larry)denied allegation of complicity in the death of Mohbad by pleading to the alibi that they were both out of the country when the incident occurred and that they were not in any manner involved in the chain of events that occasioned his death between 10th – 12th September, 2023. However, there are preponderance of evidence linking both Naira Marley and Sam Larry to the allegations of threat to life, cyber stalking and sundry crimes committed against Mohbad in his lifetime and they are being so held liable.  

Interim Findings

From investigation so far conducted, it has been established as follows:

1. The chain of events that directly and specifically led to the death of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba (Mohbad) occurred between 10th – 13th September, 2023 and the locations of incidents stretched over Ikorodu and Lekki in Lagos State.  
2. Feyisayo Ogedengbe ‘f’, who as an auxiliary nurse administered multiple and highly potent injections which triggered an immediate reaction that eventually occasioned the death of Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba(Mohbad) is the principal suspect in the homicide case.
3. Feyisayo Ogedengbe is not a qualified registered nurse,and her illegal and medical negligence are believed to have been directly responsible for the chain reactions and eventual death of Mohbad at 1543hrs on 12th September, 2023.
4. The time within which Auxiliary Nurse Ogedengbeadministered the injections on Mohbad, through hisreaction, convulsion and his eventual death is confirmed to be within less than an hour covering from 1440hrs when the principal suspect administered the sets of injections and 1543hrs when Mohbad was confirmed dead at Cura-Med Hospital, Lekki.
5. Aside her admittance to the consequences of her actions, the Report of the Medical Panel that reviewed Auxiliary Nurse Feyisayo’s actions concluded that she went beyond her limitations as an auxiliary nurse by administering IV Ceftriaxone on the deceased and that this from their review, was the most likely cause of the anaphylactic reaction which could have been promptly resolved and his death possibly prevented, if the deceased was treated in the hospital.
6. Ibrahim Oluwatosin Owoduni (Prime Boy) is also considered as complicit in the chain of events that led to the eventual death of Mohbad as the injury that culminated in actions which led to his death was sustained in the course of physical combat between him and Mohbad
7. Ayobami Sodiq (Spending), is also considered complicit in the homicide case for inviting Feyisayo Ogedengbe whom he knew to be an unqualified and unregistered nurse to administer the potent medications that eventually triggered reactions leading to Mohbad’s death.
8. While Abdulazeez Fashola (Naira Marley) and Samson Balogun Eletu (Sam Larry) denied allegations of criminal liability in the death of Mohbad and pleaded an alibi to justify their not being complicit in the incidents that occurred from 10th to 12th September, 2023, there are ample electronic and credible witnesses’ evidence linking them to cyberbullying, threat to life, assault occasioning harm and conduct likely to cause breach of peace against the deceased in his lifetime following their roles in the incidents that occurred at The Chandelier Club and Elegushi Beach in June, 2023 as well as the alleged assault on Mohbad in October, 2022 around the residence of Naira Marley at Lekki.
9. Sam Larry admitted that he had multiple physical confrontations with Mohbad to get him to refund the two million naira (=N=2m) which he claimed he paid to the late singer for a show which he claimed he did not honour.
10. There are documentary evidence (International Travel Records) confirming that both Abdulazeez Fashola (Naira Marley) and Samson Balogun Eletu (Sam Larry) were not in Lagos, Nigeria when the events that led to the death of Mohbad occurred between 10th -12th September, 2023. While Naira Marley was out of the country from 21stAugust – 3rd October, 2023, Sam Larry was out of the country from 4th – 28th September, 2023.
11. On the demise of the deceased, his remains were buried at Ikorodu by his relatives on 13th September, 2023 prior to the uproar that greeted his death and which informed the launch of the homicide investigation
12. On 21st September, 2023, the corpse was exhumed and on same date at about 1600hrs, autopsy was performed on the remains of the deceased and vital specimens were taken and sent to Lagos State DNA / Forensic Centre for toxicology examination. The reports are still beingawaited.
13. Also being awaited is the official response from the NDLEA on one of the viral videos containing allegations by the late singer on his experience at the Agency’s Lagos Office sometime in October, 2022


Although the result of the autopsy and toxicology tests are being awaited, substantial grounds have been covered well-enough by the Special Investigation Team to support the processing of the casefile to the Director of Public Prosecution.

Consequently, the casefile is being duplicated and forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecution for vetting and legal advice, the outcome of which could inform further investigative actions and prosecution.

While re-assuring that the Command will sustain its firm determination to ensure justice in this case, I wish to assure that the members of the public will be availed of any further development in relation to the outcomes of the Autopsy and Toxicology Reports, DPP advice, feedback from NDLEA and any other development in the investigation into this case.

I thank you for your coverage.

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