Suicide attempt: She is a drama queen; Shobowale’s estranged husband opens up.

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Demola Okulaja, the estranged husband of Lagos socialite Farida Shobowale, who attempted to commit suicide, has dismissed the suicide bid as high-wire drama.

In a lengthy and disjointed post, Okulaja wrote: “I gave you my heart, Phree. I was loyal to you, and all I did was stand next to you as your man, and I also accepted you with all your flaws. We have never had any arguments, and we have never called ourselves names.

“I gave you my words and assurance that I’m your man so many times, but you ignored all signs. Even when you go ahead to fight with people, I always tell you the truth, but your problem is that you don’t want to listen to the truth and always want to involve yourself in fights, and I always beg you to consider me, but you ignored all signs.

“Well, fast forward, Phree; you’re a pretender and a pathetic liar; all these things you are doing are Nollywood acting. This is season 2, and it has just started. We are going into season 20.

“Unless you come out and tell the world the truth, I never cursed at you, and I never body shamed you. I called your nanny to please warn you to stop and let peace reign, but you decided to go to “gistlover” and your street mom to lie on me, knowing that my mom has stroke and now she’s experiencing another symptom.

“You told me categorically that I would be electrocuted or jump into the lagoon without doing you any harm, and you also decided to shame another woman because of your wayward attitude.

Phree, you need to ask God for forgiveness and go personally to beg the parties involved. I told you I had so much proof, and you haven’t seen anything yet. We just started season 3; welcome to fracas.”

Farida reportedly parked her black Lexus Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) on the bridge on Thursday evening and made an attempt to jump into the lagoon.

However, vigilant passersby who saw her rush held her back.

They subsequently took her to Adekunle Police Station, Yaba, from where she was moved to an undisclosed hospital for treatment.

A viral video of the incident shows the light-skinned woman dressed in a black gown with tears streaming down her cheeks uncontrollably.

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