Why insecurity persists in Nigeria- Tinubu

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President Bola Tinubu has described the lingering insecurity bedevilling Nigeria, particularly the North West region of the country, as inherited security compromises.

The president added that the banditry and insurgency facing the country is a likelihood of historical injustices meted out to the adverse victims of conflicts.

Reflecting on his inaugural speech one year ago, Tinubu noted that “we promised to make Nigeria safer, and this aim has been our topmost priority since we came to office.”

Tinubu said on Monday at a two-day security and peace summit organised by the North-West Governors Forum, in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme in Katsina State.

Shettima, who represented Tinubu at the programme and read the President’s address, said, “Beyond the economic rationale that drove the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern parts of Nigeria, the formation of our great nation was inspired by the need for mutual protection.

“But, I ask, how can we achieve this sacred objective if one part is afflicted? We have long established that whatever ails any part of this federation destabilizes the other. So, the issue of national security in the North-West is not a sectional agenda.

“The road to redeeming the security compromises we inherited was mapped out before we embarked on this journey. We realized that achieving the peace we seek necessitates addressing the historical injustices that have torn communities apart.

“We must also reverse the institutional frailties governing security and the economic dysfunctions that create vulnerabilities to crime. We must also counter the ideological mischief that has pervaded the discourse of peace and security in the region.

“The solution we seek is a region where every trade is safe, where every group is at peace and where the policing and military presence of the state is optimal.

“This disintegration, from cycles of clashes between herders and farmers, has ruptured the ideas of oneness upon which the North revolved. “This was followed by a regime of cattle rustling that set herders on a path of violence.

“Over the past decades, we have seen how these land-use disputes drove the farmer-herder conflicts, as climate change diminished our arable land and water resources, as the capacity of our security forces was overwhelmed, as unauthorized arms proliferated conflict zones, as corruption undermined our quest for solutions, and as criminal and insurgent elements exploited the complexity of our crisis to cross into our borders.

What we are witnessing across the North is an explosion of these damaged relationships and we have come to say: enough is enough.
“Our first decision was to task our brothers from the North-West and the North-East with the defence and security of the region.

“Our military forces, through various operations such as Operation Hadin Kai and Operation Safe Haven, have made true their promise to the nation by targeting insurgent groups like Boko Haram and bandits who have held us ransom for too long.

“Through enhanced border security and intelligence capabilities, we have disrupted and dismantled criminal networks.

In his message, the Inspector General of Police highlighted the ongoing efforts of the Nigeria Police Force in maintaining law and order across the North West. He emphasized the intensified operations against banditry, kidnapping, and terrorism, noting the bravery and professionalism of police officers in the region. The IGP also emphasized the importance of community policing initiatives that have fostered trust and cooperation between the police and local communities, leading to improved intelligence gathering and proactive interventions.

The summit also served as a platform to showcase the successful joint operations between the Nigeria Police Force and the Nigerian military, such as Operation Puff Adder, Operation Hadarin Daji, and others, which have been crucial in disrupting criminal activities, dismantling bandit camps, and rescuing kidnapped victims, thereby enhancing the overall security of the region.
Despite these successes, the IGP acknowledged the challenges that persist, including the vast and difficult terrain, limited resources, and the evolving tactics of criminal elements. He called for a holistic approach to security, inspired by the United Nations’ New Security Agenda, which emphasizes strengthening institutions, engaging communities, respecting human rights, and fostering regional cooperation.

The Inspector General of Police reiterated that the ongoing summit provides a critical opportunity for all participants to engage in comprehensive discussions on topical security and safety issues. The goal is to formulate strategies that will ensure the general security, safety, and well-being of the citizens and residents in the North West region. The IGP believes that the outcomes of these deliberations will pave the way for enhanced security measures and a more peaceful and prosperous North West region.

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