Abba Kyari is not a drug baron and not member of any cartel.

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By Barr Suleiman Shehu

Abba Kyari is not a drug baron or drug dealer. He has never imported any drugs to Nigeria or dealt with any drugs to any country.

The NDLEA has been challenged to produce any evidence linking Kyari to any drug trafficking or any drug baron or group.

Nigerians and indeed the world Police knows that the Police IRT arrested the drug traffickers who brought drugs from Brazil through Ethiopia and down to Nigeria.

It’s public knowledge that these drug traffickers the police IRT arrested had been trafficking drugs in active connivance with NDLEA officers.

When they were arrested in Enugu early 2022, they confessed in written and ON video that have gone Viral that the NDLEA facilitated their drug trafficking and ensured they successfully escaped the law enforcement agents at the Enugu and other airports across the country.

In fact, they further confessed that on the few occasions they were arrested, they were cleared and freed by the NDLEA operatives.

They further indicted and accused the NDLEA operatives during their confession on video that went Viral and is also serving as exhibit in court and their oral and written testimonies in Court, that they paid money to the NDLEA operatives to clear them out of Enugu Airport before Police arrested them outside the Airport.

According to the testimony in Court, they absolved the Police of any complicity saying the police refused to compromise the case during the arrest despite a serious plea that the police should take the drugs and leave them.

In fact, they testified that they offered the police money in addition to the offer to take the drugs but the police remained adamant. They also testified in Court that they dont know Abba kyari, they have never seen him and nothing have ever connected them to kyari in the past.

Instead, the Police officially transferred the drug traffickers and the drugs to NDLEA without exposing NDLEA’s criminal activities as confessed on video by them.

After the police transferred them and the drugs to NDLEA, instead of the NDLEA to appreciate and say thank you to the Police for not exposing their officers, the NDLEA became angry that the police arrested drug traffickers whom they had collected money from and freed.


The NDLEA began to organise a malicious set up against the Police IRT who arrested the drug traffickers with drugs and transferred them to them.

They also went to the media with lots of fabricated falsehood in their usual desperation of making a name in the media on top of Kyari’s name and reputation.

Unlike the media falsehoods in circulation, the NDLEA alleged in the court that the Police tampered with some of the drugs the Police IRT recovered and voluntarily transferred to them.

The Police insisted that they did not temper with any drugs. It’s surprising that the Police IRT, who arrested the drug traffickers and recovered the drugs after NDLEA officers had cleared them out of the Airport and the Police refused to compromise with the drug traffickers, who were seriously begging for the police to take the whole drugs and leave them to go free would be accused of tampering with the evidence!

The Police voluntarily and officially transferred the drug traffickers and drugs to NDLEA with official letter without exposing the criminal activities of NDLEA officers in Enugu Airport with International Drug cartel who are conniving with NDLEA to bring heavy drugs from Brazil into Nigeria after paying hundreds of millions of Naira as confessed by the arrested drug traffickers, in writing, on Video and in open Court while smaller criminals, who hide small drugs in Air fresheners etc, who don’t pay NDLEA any money, are arrested and heavily exposed to the media.

Meanwhile big drug barons are passing with heavy drugs after paying NDLEA big money. Nigeria police requested NDLEA to Produce their indicted officers in Enugu Airport and NDLEA refused to produce her officers to the police and upto today the indicted NDLEA officers were neither arrested nor prosecuted. Also Pleas from Lawyers for the AGF to direct a neutral body like DSS to investigate this case and bring out the whole truth for the world to see was not attended to.

This is what is happening now in Nigeria. It’s a media -hyped drug war to cover big NDLEA drug deals with International drug cartels, not real drug war on the ground.

Also, the so called Billionaire Drug barons Like Chief Mallison Ukatu, chief Ugoh whom NDLEA said imported 22 billion naira and 8.9 billion naira drugs respectively into Nigeria were arrested and announced to the Media and they were now all granted bail and with their Families after few months while Kyari who arrested drug traffickers cleared by NDLEA, refused to compromised and transferred them officially to NDLEA is refused bail for 1 yr and 3 months.

Kyari was never arrested but he walked to the police HQ himself voluntarily after a phone call on these allegations.

Noteworthy is the fact that Kyari refused to escape when Kuje Prison was broken open for 3 hrs on 5/7/2022 by terrorist invaders who rescued all the terrorists in the Prison and allowed 90 percent of all inmates to escape except for Kyari and a few others who refused to escape.

This is an officer with records of service to Nigeria in fighting kidnappings, terrorism etc that is unparalleled in the history of Nigeria.

How would you say such an officer will escape in an allegation the Law said is bailable?

All this impunity is done just to serve the interest of a very few envious and wicked Nigerians who don’t care about the National Security of Nigeria but vendetta and wickedness against Kyari.



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