Mobolaji Bank -Anthony estate: Family disowns Queen Irene Cole, refer to her as an imposter

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Mobolaji Bank -Anthony estate:

·         Family disowns Queen Irene Cole, refer to her as an imposter

It appears that the resolution to the crisis surrounding the execution of the Last Will and Testament of late Mobolaji Bank-Anthony is far fetched as a group of persons who claim to be the surviving children and grandchildren of the late philanthropist insist that 68-year-old Queen Irene Cole is an imposter.

Baba and kids

Queen Irene Cole who claimed to be a trustee had during a press briefing raised alarm that the Will of the late philanthropist was been tampered by people who were not beneficiaries of Bank-Anthony’s assets.

She alleged that some individuals who she also referred to as imposters were deliberately frustrating the execution of the Will as recognized by the court.

Reacting to the report, one Babatunde Oluwajimi Bank-Anthony who claim to be the grandson of the late philanthropist stated at a press briefing through Zoom meeting that Queen Irene Cole does not have the permission or the authority to represent their family and warned that anyone who enters into business transaction with her in regards to his late grandfather’s estate is doing so at his or her own risk.

Also, part of the Zoom meeting were two living children of the late Bank-Anthony who identified themselves as Oremi Bank-Anthony and Bolaji Bank-Anthony.

In his words: Oluwajimi said: “The Family of the Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony hereby give notice and inform the public to be aware of one Queen Irene Cole and some of her associates parading themselves to be the Trustees of the Estate of our father, late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony.


“Queen Irene Cole has incessantly written different articles in the Newspaper, Television stations and has had a couple of press conferences where she has made claims, produced various documents to back their trusteeship. We as a family have been silent not because we did not know what to do but because this case is in court and felt that it would run its course in the court.

“We are a family that stand by what we were brought up with by our late father and grandfather, decency, truth and integrity, hence the silence all this while.  Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony at the time of his death in 1991 left a clear and comprehensive last Will & Testament which depicted his last wishes. His last Will and Testament created stated that his Estate be governed and run by a list of his chosen trustees. This list did not include anyone named Queen Irene Cole neither did it include some of her fraudulent partners.

“Queen Irene Cole and her cohorts who we as a family do not know, have spent the last couple of years attempting to insert themselves in the Estate and properties of the late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony. Queen Irene Cole has continually falsified her relationship to the Bank-Anthony family and has obtained a court judgement which is currently being legally challenged by the family and the Estate.

It has been brought to our notice that Queen Irene Cole and some of her partners have been using this fraudulent court judgement in an attempt to access Estate funds and engage with property developers,” he alleged while reading from a statement signed by the family.

Continuing he said that the Late Sir Mobolaji Bank-Anthony left a clear and unequivocal last Will and Testament. “Sir Bank-Anthony was Blessed with four children namely, Omosheri Bank-Anthony (Deceased), Ajibike Bank-Anthony (Deceased), Oremi Bank-Anthony and Bolaji Bank-Anthony. The judgement they are parading around is dated August 5,2020 and was mischievously acquired by distorting facts. Afterwards the case was referred to the Court of Appeal on November 5, 2021.  A notice of appeal has been put forward and we are presently waiting for an Appeal date.

“Queen Irene Cole and her partners in deception are simply in a bid to race against time. They hope they can get to the funds of the Estate before an Appeal hearing but we as a family will ensure they will not succeed in their deceit.”

They also explained that the grand daughter who was seen with Queen Cole during the last media briefing is not a beneficiary in her grandfather’s Will.

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